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4 Backyard Activities That Could Be Helped With Screens

4 Backyard Activities That Could Be Helped With Screens

May 15, 2018

Picture this: you’re relaxing with a cool drink in-hand on your favourite outdoor recliner when you hear the familiar whine of mosquito swarms. It’s made clear very quickly you’re going to have to use your secret ninja training in order to keep them from touching your body. In addition to totally blowing your cover as a secret agent (we won’t tell) bugs have a tendency to make it difficult to enjoy outdoor activities. An easy solution is to screen key areas of your backyard to avoid dealing with all those nasty insects. Some of the best activities below can be improved upon by doing so (and won’t blow your cover).

Ah yes, the classic barbeque experience—a staple of the spring and summer. Unfortunately, bugs also like to join in on the event, and not only can cause people to duck and cover if wasps join in, but also cause people to use their own ninja training when other flying pests join as well. This can easily be solved using screens; install some under your gazebo of choice or cover your patio (maybe even using some of Phantom Screen’s products, shameless plug, we know). Doing so keeps the pests out, although, that snobby friend that won’t stop talking about how they almost missed their flight getting back from Europe will still be able to get in. Unfortunately screens do have their limits.

Unless you’re rich (or lucked out) it’s much less likely you have an indoor hot tub vs an outdoor one. An outdoor hot tub is great when the days are sunny and bug-free, but potentially not so great otherwise. Outdoor hot tubs have the unfortunate habit of filling up with dust, dirt, and dead bugs unless properly protected. And while a cover for it might be great for when you’re not using it, it can’t help when you are using it. Enclosing the area around the hot-tub with screens might not block all the dirt, but it will keep out insects, leaves, and small twigs which can make a big difference.

Finally, everyone’s schedules have lined up for that backyard get-together all of you have been talking about having for ages. Everyone arrives, you catch up with your friends, and things are going really well. That is, until the sun starts to go down and you start to get munched on by those hungry mosquitos. You know the simple solution to solve this problem though: screens! Install some screens and bam! No more bugs, the party outside doesn’t have to stop, and you can continue to take advantage of the cool weather, win-wins all around.

Family Time
One of the best ways to enjoy the spring and summer months is to spend time with family. And what better way to do so than to have a picnic or family dinner outside. Of course if you have any sort of sweet food or liquor this means unwanted bugs are also going to run or fly to you. Stop them from tasting your food (and you) by installing some outdoor retractable screens and spend time with the people (not insects) that matter.

Screens can help filter some of the outside from the experiences you want to have with others. While bugs and other pests are essential to the circle of life they don’t have to be essential to your backyard activities, and can often take away from the memories you want to build. Install screens to give you the option to keep out pests and get the most out of your backyard activities.

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