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5 Reasons Why Window Screens Are Great (And Underappreciated)

5 Reasons Why Window Scre

5 Reasons Why Window Screens Are Great (And Underappreciated)

April 16, 2019

If you’re like us, you’re itching to get out and experience the additional sunlight, nature, and more (hopefully not literally itching though, you might want to get that checked out if that’s the case). But before you jump headfirst into spring, take a step back. While you might want to throw those windows wide open to breathe in that fresh Okanagan air, your spring could be improved by one key home feature: window screens. Here are five great reasons to install them:

1. Keep Nature Outside Your Home

Keep Nature OutsideAn open window shouldn’t be an open invitation to every single bug, bird, or squirrel into your home like some kind of portal to your personal Narnia. You wouldn’t want mosquitos buzzing about your room as you try to sleep, or wasps in your kitchen as you cook. Some pests can also damage your home if they get inside and can bring in unwanted bacteria as well. Keep your home from being invaded by unwanted bugs and other critters by installing window screens.

2. Keep Your Windows Cleaner For Longer

Cleaning your windows takes time and can be quite the chore if they’re located in difficult to access places. Dirt and dust will still build up on screens, but they are simple to clean and don’t have to be done as often. They can also protect against other elements like hail so your windows aren’t being pounded by the weather, and will typically keep out rain as well. Keep your windows sparkling clear for longer and put off having to spend a large chunk of the day cleaning them.

3. Extra Privacy

Extra PrivacyIt’s always nice to have an extra layer of privacy in your home. You can purchase mesh for screens that are designed to have a tighter knit to reduce the ability to view inside. That way you can avoid having to worry about nosy neighbours, or snooping Susans or Steves (we’re onto you guys). As an added bonus, the denser weave of the mesh can also keep out more sun to keep your house cooler. Speaking of which. . .

4. Reduce Sunlight

It might seem trivial to try and buy a window screen to reduce sunlight, but it’s worth your while. Not only can screens reduce sun damage, but they can also reduce your cooling bill during hot months. This means additional savings year-over-year to be spent at a later time.

5. Recirculate Air

Recirculate AirWith screens installed you can open your windows knowing you’re able to keep out the elements, bugs, and other small animals, but you’re also able to recirculate the air within your home. This provides a flow of clean air, and aids in removing odours and bacteria hanging in the air as well.

Are you convinced now putting screens on your windows is right for you? Head to our page to learn how you can get Phantom Screens for your windows installed in your home.

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