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8 Reasons Why You’ll Love Your New Phantom Screens

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8 Reasons Why You’ll Love Your New Phantom Screens

May 5, 2021

There are plenty of reasons to love Phantom retractable screens. They’re sleek, durable, and can work with virtually any home. Here’s just a few more reasons to get you started:

1) They Look Good
Phantom screen frames come in a wide range of colours and finishes, so we’re able to choose ones that match your home the way you want. And since they retract, you don’t have to see the screens until you need them.

2) They Can Save You Money
Rather than having the air conditioner cranked up all summer, and thus racking up your power bill, Phantom screens allow for better airflow in your home. If you’ve got a cross breeze going, you can turn down the AC, and still keep your home cooler while keeping your money in your wallet.

3) They Reduce UV Light
As much as we love the sun, there’s no question that UV light can cause floors, walls, and fabrics to fade over time. Phantom screens can reduce the amount of UV light coming in through doors and windows, thus preserving the colour and finishes in your home.

4) They Can Fit Anywhere
Whether you want them in your windows or doors, Phantom Screens can be made to fit. From outdoor patios to French doors, you can get your retractable screens made to work with your home and your needs.

5) They Keep Bugs Outside
It’s nice to sit out on your patio on a hot summer evening. It’s not so nice to get eaten alive by mosquitos at the same time. With Phantom screens, you can have your nice night outside and keep the bugs off you at the same time.

6) They Let You Keep Your View
A fixed window screen is always in the way. Phantom screens are only visible when you need them, retracting so they’re out of the way and keeping your view pristine.

7) They’re Installed By Professionals
Phantom Screens are installed by certified, well-trained technicians that will make the process as smooth as possible. And since accidents do happen, they will also be able to repair your screen.

8) They Won’t Get Damaged by the Weather
Unlike a screen door that’s stuck in a track, exposed to the elements, a Phantom Screen is far less likely to get ripped or wrecked since they can be kept out of sight when not needed. Only open when you need it keeps them working for a long time to come.

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