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Backyard Design Trends 2023

Backyard Design Trends 2023

June 2, 2023

There’s nothing like stepping into your backyard after a long week and enjoying peace and quiet. Whether gathering around a fire pit, hosting a barbecue, or curling up with a good book, having a beautiful backyard garden designed to relax, play, or cultivate can be an absolute joy.  However, if your backyard looks more like a barren field than a thriving oasis, it might be time to look at revitalizing your outdoor space.

When thinking about backyard garden design, getting a little overwhelmed is easy. You might have a small backyard with little room or a sprawling backyard with no idea what to do and where things should go. 


Non-traditional lawns

While most of us think a backyard must have perfectly manicured grass and be completely weed-free, there are other ways to have a nice yard without constant mowing and weed-whacking.  Natural yards are becoming more popular, where the grass is left to grow as it will, scattering wildflower seeds and maybe laying a stone path.

Some people turn their entire yard into garden space, which means less mowing and helps pollinators. Bees thrive on the weeds early in the planting season, not just the lovely flowers in pots and beds. Replacing grass with clover has also grown in popularity in recent years as it takes care of itself and stays green for a long while. So think outside the grass when it comes to your lawn.


Maximized garden

In your backyard garden, instead of just having a couple of flower beds in the yard’s corners, some backyard design trends look at huge gardens overflowing with plants, shrubs, and flowers. Maximalist garden trends of 2023 want to bring the beauty of nature back into full force so you can enjoy what it has to offer without even leaving home. Your backyard could feel like a botanical garden if plants grow considerably in your beds.


High-end in a small space

Making your backyard feel like a getaway to a high-end resort is big right now in modern garden design trends. And you don’t need a massive backyard to make it happen. Small backyards can feel just as luxurious as huge ones; it’s all in maximizing the minimal space. 

Creating a sitting area with climbing plants to create privacy, having a small water feature or a tabletop fire pit can make a small yard feel bougie. Hanging string lights, and creating customized potted flourishing plants all add to the high end ambience. 


Climate-conscious gardening

As much as you might love a particular flower, if you live in an area where it won’t thrive without some serious intervention, you should reconsider planting it in your backyard. With summers getting hotter and the risk of droughts on the rise, choosing plants requiring less watering will save potable water, which becomes quite the commodity during forest fire season. 

Try to find plants native to the area; those are meant to live and thrive in your climate and will do their best under those conditions. Also, consider making edible gardens. Fresh herbs and vegetables grown on your property will help reduce your carbon footprint and taste amazing! 

It is becoming increasingly popular for homeowners to created elevated garden boxes that are used to grow their own produce. With a medium sized backyard creating customized garden boxes are all the rave that not only feed your family but provide a beauty of its own. 


Bringing the indoors outside

This trend has been around for a while for beautiful backyard gardens, and it’s not going away anytime soon. People want to maximize their living space, and a great way to do that is to use your outdoors just as much as indoors.

Outdoor living rooms, with full-sized couches, fireplaces, and even TVs, are becoming more commonplace. So are outdoor kitchens, which started as a fancy areas to barbecue but have started to include small fridges, stoves, and as much counter space as you’d have inside. If you’ve got a covered patio, you can enjoy the outdoors without worrying about inclement weather. If you’ve got retractable screens from Phantom Screens Okanagan, you can also want the outdoors bug-free.


Ready to head outside?

If you’d like to turn your backyard into a private bug-free oasis, we at Phantom Screens Okanagan can help! We will find the screens that will work best in your home and for your budget. Call us for a consult today at 250-762-7592.

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