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Say Bye to Bugs This Season

Say Bye to Bugs This Season

May 3, 2023

With the warmer weather, the ground and grass are thawing out, which means that all the creepy crawlies hiding all winter are waking up. As much as we look forward to the spring sunshine, the inevitable return of the insects is always a bummer.

Whether you’re a long-time resident or new to the area, you’ll see a few common insects as spring rolls into summer in the Okanagan.

Now there are beneficial bugs that like to hang out in your garden. Ladybugs will eat the other bugs that are out to wreck your garden, like aphids. Honeybees and bumblebees want to check out the flowers. They’re friendly and important for the environment, but it would be even nicer if they stayed in the garden.

Then there are the irritating bugs that insist on ruining your day. The top offender is the mosquito. The little bloodsuckers can ruin an evening in the backyard faster than running out of beverages. Anyone who has tried to sleep with a mosquito in their bedroom knows the special kind of torture hearing that is the high-pitched whine in your ear.

Any insect that makes an angry buzzing sound—wasps, hornets, yellow jackets—are ones you don’t want anywhere near you. They are petty and vengeful and will take their rage out on you if you occupy the space they are flying in. You definitely don’t want them finding their way inside.

Then there are the bugs that are annoying and pretty gross.

The western conifer seed bug looks like a stink bug and smells like a stink bug, but it’s not actually a stink bug—it is a very stinky one. These critters like to eat the seeds of pine cones, which gives them their particular odour. Meant to deter predators, all it takes is squishing one of these crawlies, and you’ll know why they carry the infamous name ‘stink bugs.’

Your common housefly is also pretty disgusting. We cannot know what those things landed on before they found their way inside and landed on your arm or the food on the counter. Seriously, you don’t want to know.

As for spiders… you know what? Let’s skip the spider talk. No one wants to think about spiders. You know they’re there. We know they’re there, we need them in our environment, but we do not need them in our homes. Let’s move on.

For full enjoyment, saying bye to bugs and ridding them of your space is vital for complete relaxation. What is the key to getting the bugs out of your space without being on alert at all times? We have the answer.

Whether for your home or your outdoor space, retractable screens can keep the bugs out and the serenity in. They can be customized to fit almost any opening, meaning they can not only fit doors and windows but also spaces like your covered patio or gazebo. They offer the benefits of a screened-in porch or patio, but your view is unlimited since you can retract the screens and put them away. You can pull them out when it’s buggy and put them away when it’s not so buggy outside.

The screens can serve different purposes, so insect mesh would be your best bet if you’re trying to keep bugs out. If you’re looking for more privacy, there’s a mesh for that too, and they’re suitable for shade when the sun is scorching.

Ready to say bye-bye to bugs this season? We at Phantom Screens Okanagan can help you decide the screens that will work best in your home and for your budget. Call us for a consult today 250-762-7592.

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