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Easy Tips for Cleaning Your Motorized Screen Shades

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Easy Tips for Cleaning Your Motorized Screen Shades

February 1, 2023

Living in the modern technologically advanced world that we do, we are surrounded by automation in pretty much all aspects of our lives.

Along with things like ring cameras, Bluetooth heating systems, and app-controlled lights, you can even have motorized screen shades.

And much like the glass needs to be wiped down with windex and the sills need a good dusting, your window’s blinds need a good cleaning periodically. Including your motorized screen shades.

What are motorized shade screens?

These types of blinds are exactly what it says on the box: they have a mechanism that allows them to be raised and lowered with a switch or a remote control. They are incredibly convenient and help improve the look of your home.

Some might think that motorized screen shades need more specialized cleaning, but they really don’t. They need the same kind of cleaning regular shades do, but with a bit more care taken to avoid damaging the mechanisms that raise and lower them.

What’s the benefit?

Being able to raise or lower your shades with the touch of a button is helpful to block the sun in the summer and keep your home cooler. And then in the winter, they can be open to let the sunshine in and use that heat to help warm your home. This can help reduce your energy bills, and who wouldn’t want that?

They’re also nice because you don’t have to worry about any human error in the raising or lowering that may potentially wreck your shades.

Where can they be hung?

Motorized screen shades can be hung on pretty much any sized window, including those with multiple frames. 

How to keep them clean

Some motorized screen shades roll up, some pull up bit by bit, but no matter what type you have, cleaning them works the same way.

Get out the vacuum

Using your vacuum’s hose attachment and the softest brush, suck up any excess dust that may be clinging to your shades. The brush will pick up more dust than the hose on its own, and a soft brush will prevent any scratches or damage to the shades.

Use a duster

To get anything the vacuum may have left behind, use a dry cloth or a duster on the shade. Make sure you do the top, bottom, and edges of the shade. Also make sure you dust the mechanism that raises and lowers your blinds to keep it running smoothly.

feather duster

Get a sponge

Now that you’ve gotten the excess off the shade, if there’s any stubborn grime that is still sticking, use a dry sponge to get it off. Don’t use any soap as it may damage your shade. Scrub the spot gently until the grime is gone.

cleaning sponge

Don’t soak the shade

Avoid using a spray bottle or soaking them as the water can potentially damage the mechanism and ruin the shade. 

How often should I clean?

Once you get them clean, if you vacuum or dust the shades every couple of weeks, you should be able to keep them clean and looking great. If you wait until you see grime on the shades, it will be more of a chore to get them clean again. Proper maintenance is important to keep the motorized shades working well.

Ready to get motorized screen shades?

If you’re interested in improving the aesthetic of your home and upgrading to motorized screen shades, be sure to check out what Phantom Screens Okanagan can do for you! We can fit motorized screen shades in any sized window and blend them right into the architecture of your home.

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