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Exceeding Expectations: 40ft Phantom Motorized Screens

Exceeding Expectations: 4

Exceeding Expectations: 40ft Phantom Motorized Screens

March 24, 2020

A lot of homes, particularly in the Okanagan, feature large openings such as patios, wide windows, or large covered decks. These openings can often exceed twenty five feet making them difficult to screen in. 

However, having a motorized, retractable screen in your home holds many advantages. It cuts down on harmful UV rays, reduces wind disturbance, and protects your screened areas from pesky insects. But what if you do own a home with openings that are larger than twenty five feet?


Phantom Screens Okanagan can help! For many years, twenty five feet was the maximum screen solution size for your home. Utilizing groundbreaking new technology, Phantom Screens now manufactures and installs retractable screens for openings up to forty feet with a height of eleven feet!



The Phil Kean Design Group in Florida were looking for a way to create a seamless transition between the great room, pool, and courtyard in their new showhome. Phantom Screens had the solution! They installed two single units which extended across both 40ft. openings – creating a unified space between the indoor and outdoor areas while still preserving the modern design esthetic and the beautiful view.

“Phantom Screens is a class company;Their quality is superb. I was thrilled when they said they would do it [because] I knew it was going to be great.” – Phil Kean, Owner, Phil Kean Design Group


If you’re looking for a solution for screening your large openings in your home and business, here are just a few features of our screens that make them the perfect choice, every time:

  • The screens easily retract completely out of sight at the touch of a button on a remote control, smartphone, or home automation device.
  • Filtering up to 90% of UV rays, our retractable screens offer maximum sun protection.
  • Our screens completely recess into cavities so the housing is never visible, preserving the existing design and architecture.
  • SmartStop blockage sensor automatically stops the screen if impeded while being lowered to reduce the risk of damage.
  • They can cover spaces up to forty feet wide and eleven feet high. 

Contact Phantom Screens Okanagan today for a free quote to discover how you can create a seamless transition between your indoor/outdoor living spaces.

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