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Helping Prevent Harmful UV Rays

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Helping Prevent Harmful UV Rays

August 9, 2021

It’s already been one hot summer, as you no doubt already felt in the recent heatwave that swept through the province. The sun can be pretty unforgiving when it wants to be, and it’s our natural inclination to hide from it when it gets to be too much. Even when it’s not insanely hot.

The sun can do more damage to your furniture than you might realize. Exposure to UV rays can make your couch more brittle and prone to breakage much earlier than you anticipate. It can also cause the fabrics to fade and lose their original colouring. Delicate fabrics like silk and satin are especially vulnerable to the sun. Try and keep these out of direct sunlight as much as possible.

Direct sunlight can also damage your floors and walls. The colour of your wall paint can fade where it’s been exposed and leave your wall blotchy and in need of repainting. Don’t forget anything you have hanging on the walls. Fine art needs to be hung out of direct sunlight, lest it damage the work, but even your family photos and other treasures are at risk of sun damage.
Your flooring will also fade with prolonged sun exposure, which you might think could be avoided with a rug, but then the rug can fade as well.

Don’t forget the harm the sun can do to yourself. Even if you’re inside, sitting in one of those lovely sunbeams that shine through your window, there’s still damage being done to your skin. Windows don’t block unforgiving UV rays and we all know how bad sunburns feel.

So what’s the solution? Fortunately, there is one.

Phantom retractable window screens can block the worst of the UV rays that shine into your home, thus saving your belongings from sun damage. Phantom screens can be made to fit virtually any sized window or door to keep the sun out no matter what time of day it’s shining into your home. The best part? Since they’re retractable, they can block UV rays on sunny days and then retract to let in more light on cloudy days.

Protect your home, and yourself, from the sun with Phantom Screens.

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