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How to cozy up your deck this cooler season

l-shaped couch around a coffee table under a covered patio with a nearby fireplace

How to cozy up your deck this cooler season

February 1, 2022

Are you missing your outside deck space?
Have you caught yourself gazing out and wishing for warmer weather?

Well, join the club. If you haven’t found ways already through this colder season, let us help you find ways to create a cozy oasis while you patiently wait for the sun to shine and the weather to lighten. There are several ways you can make your deck area function as a year-round retreat and continue enjoying your outside entertainment area.

It’s probably time to give your patio area the deep clean it deserves. As the winter months have blown in, it has brought its elements onto your deck. Remove all your furnishings and give that decking a good sweep, shake out the pillows, and dust off your surfaces. It won’t take much to make it feel fresh again. There are many great cleaning products available to help prolong the life of your outdoor flooring. Just be sure to carefully read product instructions to match your decking material with the best cleaning solution. We suggest changing your furniture around for this chilly season. Think close and cozy when wanting to be inspired; this isn’t about how many people you can host, but more about how you can provide a separate oasis to enjoy while waiting for that warm summer heat.

Now you’ve given your deck the clean it needed; it’s time to warm things up. Try adding heaters. A few well-placed outdoor heaters can take the chill off and create a very inviting outdoor area. Outdoor heaters come in all sizes, types, and styles, so finding some that work well on your deck should not be an issue. You can find outdoor heaters at any of your local home appliances or hardware stores. They are a great investment and can be used year-round.

To take your outdoor space to the next level, think about implementing a stylish fire pit. A firepit will be the congregating location for your guest to gather. Not to mention it’s perfect to cozy up around while enjoying that book you have been meaning to get read since the holidays. It will be the essence of your cozy go-to spot, offering solace as well as warmth.

We can’t forget the importance of screening in your space. Screens such as Phantom’s offer are a great way to enclose an outdoor space, providing an effective wind and precipitation barrier. Utilizing screens in conjunction with space heaters creates a bubble of warmth and security. This would allow you to leave out your favourite outdoor furniture and not worry about it getting ruined by the elements. Retractable screens will enable you to enjoy cozy comfort watching the snowfall instead of abandoning your precious deck space for much of the year.

Motorized retractable screens help control your climate without impeding your view or the fresh air, the outside experience you are seeking. They are suitable for all large openings and blend in with any architectural style. Phantom screens also help provide a warmer barrier adjacent to your home, depending on where your deck is located, thereby reducing your indoor heating costs. Don’t worry that the screens will alter your sublime summer deck life. These screens fully retract to become invisible during optimal climate conditions with the click of a button.

Creating the perfect outdoor space through this time of the year can be done, and with the help of Phantom Screens, we can have you enjoying your outdoor space all year long.

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