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Introducing Our MeshLock Retractable Door Screens

Introducing Our MeshLock

Introducing Our MeshLock Retractable Door Screens

March 24, 2020

Phantom Screens has been a pioneer in the creation of screen solutions for the past two decades. Their goal is to create better screen products through the application of new technology to the benefit of its customers. 

Why Door Screens?

In North America, door screens have been a popular feature often becoming a staple in most homes. They help create air flow throughout your house, can reduce on the cost of air conditioning, and keep out unwanted creatures of the flying and biting variety. 

While practically perfect, a lot of store-bought screens aren’t completely sealed to the elements and sometimes can wear quickly due to heavy use. 

Introducing MeshLock

Our signature door screens now have added protection! Our mesh retention feature utilizes a zipper system that keeps the mesh secured in the top and bottom tracks when the screen is closed. It provides extra stability to prevent screen blowouts—a great feature for pet owners!

In addition to our standard door screen benefits such as letting fresh air in, keeping bugs out, and not detracting from the view – the MeshLock feature offers homeowners even more great benefits.

  • Added Protection – Phantom’s MeshLock provides added protection with mesh retention in the top and bottom tracks – preventing blowouts in breezy conditions, small pets from escaping, and unwanted pests from entering.
  • Excellent Curb Appeal – The MeshLock option uses a zipper system that remains hidden in the tracks. It is also available in our standard and custom colors – making it possible to match the housing, slidebars, and tracks to the doorway so as not to detract from the design.
  • Extra Durable – The reinforced mesh corners on the MeshLock option provides lasting durability to deliver long-term use within high-traffic doorways.
  • All About Peace of Mind – The MeshLock option helps keep pets from escaping and others with pests from entering – providing homeowner peace of mind without sacrificing access to fresh air.

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