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Keeping Cozy in the Cold

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Keeping Cozy in the Cold

January 11, 2023

In the colder months, we tend to stay inside and where it’s much more pleasant than outdoors where the air hurts your face. However, being stuck inside can be just as difficult if you’re not adequately prepared.

If you’re feeling cooped up, we’ve got some tips to make your home a little warmer and cozier.

Thick curtains or blinds

Yes, it’s already super dark this time of year, so why do we suggest thick curtains or blinds? Well, it’s because thicker drapes and blinds can block any cold that may be leaking in via your windows. 

Keep the curtains or blinds open during the day to let the sunlight in and help the furnace warm up your home, then close them once the sun starts to go down to block the cold and keep all that warmth inside.

Cozy Colours

Being surrounded by warm colours can actually make you feel warmer, so consider using accessories on the warm side of the colour wheel. Reds, oranges, yellows, and even warmer green tones can make your home feel much cozier. 

Consider muted tones of these colours, like a rusty red or a mustard yellow so as not to completely overwhelm the space. If you like more saturated colour, make sure there’s lots of warm white to offset it.

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Soft Touch

Soft textures have a way of making everything that much cozier, so try working soft items into your living space. Sherpa blankets draped on couches or chairs, fluffy pillow covers, and  automatically make a room feel cozy.

Don’t forget to wrap yourself up in soft materials as well. Sweaters, socks, slippers, and robes will help keep you both warm and cozy.

Gather ‘Round The Hearth

If you’ve got a fireplace, utilize it! When it’s cold outside, there’s nothing better than gathering around a fire inside.

Whether it’s a gas or wood-burning fireplace, make it the center of the room by having your furniture close to it so everyone has a place to sit near the warmth.

Fab Fabrics

Draping fabric over solid pieces like tables or spreading out rugs on hardwood floors will make your home feel much softer and therefore warmer.

Use fabrics with patterns, like plaid, herringbone, or tweed, to soften the solid surfaces and make your home much cozier.

Tips for Remote Workers

Don’t be afraid to layer up

If you’re trying to save money on heating costs instead of turning up the thermostat, you’ll have to get creative to stay warm. You don’t want your hands to be shivering as you sip your morning coffee.

Layering up with sweaters, socks, slippers, and writing gloves will keep you focused on the task at hand and not on the temperature

Small Pets are Better Than a Space Heater

If you’ve got (smaller) pets, let them sit in your lap as you work. They’re better than a space heater!

They also help keep you calm when work is stressing out; having your cat purring in your lap, or your dog leaning against you will not only keep you warm but help you relax too.

Have Specific Items for Work and Play

To keep you on task while keeping warm, have a specific blanket or sweater to wear while you’re working that you only have on during that time. 

Once you’re done working for the day, switch to your after-work blanket for sitting on the couch or a different cardigan and slippers for puttering around the house. It’ll help keep you mentally in the appropriate headspaces.

In Conclusion

Follow these suggestions and you’ll have no problem staying warm this winter. All you need is a fuzzy jacket and you’ll blend right in!

Thinking it’s time to update your windows and doors? Consider retractable screens to make your life easier once summer rolls around again. Call Phantom Screens Okanagan at 250-762-7592 to get a quote today!

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