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Make The Most Of Your Outdoor Space – The Executive Line

Make The Most Of Your Outdoor Space – The Executive Line

August 21, 2018

If you’ve got a large outdoor space then you know it can be difficult to maintain not only a level a privacy but also shade the area and keep out bugs. We’ve heard your metaphorical cries for custom screens here at Phantom Screens and we have the exact products to help you. This may be a shameless plug of a blog post, but hear us out. We’ll go over how each of the aforementioned issues can be resolved using the Executive Line and improve your backyard life.



Since Kelowna is relatively flat, sometimes it can be difficult to keep your privacy from backyard peeping toms, or Ned Flanders-like neighbours. Thankfully, Executive Line screens are suitably dense and give you that extra element of separation from outside views looking in. Sometimes it can also be nice to have them down to relax alone or help with UV protection which we’ll get into next.


Shade and Sun Protection

It’s great to have what is essentially an outdoor living room, but without the proper sun protection you might as well be asking to make you as uncomfortable as possible. The Executive Line offers custom screen shading tailored to the size of your outdoor living space, providing you a way to bring the outdoors in. This can give you the option to either do a bit of sun tanning, or maybe have the screens down to keep out the sun as you tuck into a good book at whatever time you choose.

Bugs That Bother

If you’re outside in any way, at some point you’re going to encounter bugs, hopefully without having to run away screaming from a wasp chasing you (it’s okay we won’t tell anyone, probably). You can avoid this by keeping your “outdoor living room” bug-free through our Executive Line. Our screens do an excellent job of offering floor to ceiling coverage when it comes to sealing out pesky intruders while still providing enough airflow to keep you cool and make your hair flow in the wind like a model in a shampoo commercial (alright, maybe not that unbelievable, but still relaxing).

Clearly, these are three very solid arguments as to why the Executive Line could be right for you. Shade, privacy, and freedom from bugs all wrapped up in a simple screening solution. Bring your outdoors indoors today and check out our options for custom screens!

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