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Phantom Screens Help You Save on Energy

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Phantom Screens Help You Save on Energy

September 14, 2021

The summer of 2021 included a historic heat wave with temperatures reaching 45.7 degrees Celsius in parts of British Columbia. Local residents found out that they needed to be prepared if/when such weather happened again. Many residents in the Okanagan turned to the installation of screens on and around their home learning that it not only protected them from the elements of weather but also affected their energy savings.

One of the biggest expenses homeowners face on a daily basis is energy consumption. A home’s energy use can accumulate quickly, leaving many homeowners wondering how they can save money month to month.

A Phantom Screen is an outdoor material that can be used for exterior roller panels. These solar screens block harmful UV rays, they promote energy efficiency and reduce energy consumption.

UV Rays can damage or fade flooring and furnishings, and with the piercing heat increase your energy costs. Phantom Screens work to block the sun’s intense warmth, and also helps you reduce your environmental footprint. Phantom Screens assists in the distribution of sun rays throughout your home. Without blocking your view or natural sunlight, sun rays are dispersed through the home making indoor temperatures more comfortable all year round. By using Phantom Screens you can help you save on energy and air conditioning costs. They keep the sun’s energy outside and allow you to control how warm or cool the inside of your house will be.

During the winter months, Phantom Screens unique material will ensure less heat loss during the winter, and a reduced risk of condensation on the window surfaces. Without compromising your view, these screens will keep the warmth within the walls of your home.

Phantom Screens can assist you in ensuring you are doing your part in protecting the environment. Having solar sun screens installed allows your home to become more energy efficient. With the many mesh varieties, they will provide natural ventilation, increased privacy and solar heat control, which will help you balance your home’s heating and cooling benefits.

You can install Phantom Screens on any door or windows to help assist you and your impact on the environment. Additionally by installing screens on the exterior of your deck, it not only provides you with a shaded extra living space but it will also protect from the elements of the sun and weather.

Although the installation of some screens can add up, it is important to know that with overall energy savings the investment into proper screen installation will provide an overall return of investment.

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