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Signs of a Bad Window Installation

Signs of a Bad Window Installation

August 14, 2023

Updates to your home are a part of homeownership, and something that might seem minor can grow into something substantial before you know it. There’s nothing worse than getting yourself into a new home that seemed utterly perfect initially, only to find that something as important as the window installment wasn’t as nice as it was at first glance.

The windows might look fine, but when the weather cools down or turns inclement, you may find out quickly that the windows are decidedly not okay. And it may only be evident once you’re in a different season. Window installment means sealing up your home to protect it from the elements. In fact, there’s a literal seal around your windows, and due to time, age, or poor installation, that seal can fail. Once it does, the integrity of the window is compromised, which can lead to various problems down the road.

The glaring signs of a bad window installation include gaps and leaks. A gap between the window and the frame means the window was the wrong size for the opening. It will be unstable with the wrong size glass, providing risks such as falling and shattering.  

If you can feel a breeze along the edge of the window, that’s a sign it wasn’t fitted properly. And if that gap can let in air, it can let in water. You may only notice water leaking if rain falls against that part of the house. Any moisture that gets through the walls can lead to long-term structural damage and mold, which can be a significant repair if not addressed.

Moisture doesn’t just have to be a puddle on the floor. If your windows get foggy, recognize that your windows need to be assessed. Where condensation occurs, whether in a small corner or along the edges, will determine where the window seal is likely compromised. If condensation appears between the panes of the window’s glass, it may mean that the glass between the panes is the issue and will not be as energy efficient as you had hoped.

Opening or trying to open your windows will determine factors about your window installment. Older homes can shift, which you can usually tell by opening or closing doors. You can do the same with Windows. If the slider doesn’t move smoothly, and you’ve cleaned the frame to ensure nothing is slowing it down, there’s a good chance the frame isn’t straight or has deteriorated over time. The same can be said of other window openings, whether awning or hand crank. Windows are costly; anything you pay for should work as advertised, especially the openings in your home.

Your home’s windows should function to freely allow nice cool air through when you want it to and to keep everything else out. If you’ve got windows you think need to be replaced, it’s also the perfect time to look into new screens. Retractable window screens are ideal for keeping the critters you want out and providing easy airflow with that protection. When they’re not in use, they will do as the name says—retract—and stay that way until you need them again, which provides longevity in its function and life span.

Whether in a brand new home concerned about your window installation or an older home, screens can offer you a long-term solution customized to your home. While screens won’t fix a poor install, they can become a feature of your replacement window installation or a feature of your older home once determined your window installation is not detrimental to your home or safety. We will help you decide what type of screen works best for your needs and will ensure they fit perfectly. Call us for a consultation today at 250-762-7592!

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