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Creating a Spring Oasis with a Backyard Privacy Screen

Creating a Spring Oasis with a Backyard Privacy Screen

April 4, 2023

It’s great to spend time in your backyard when the weather is nice. The sun shines, the birds sing, the flowers bloom… and your neighbours can see everything you’re doing.

As lovely as your neighbours probably are, you don’t want them intruding in your backyard solitude, so why not create your private oasis? We have some ideas for backyard privacy screens to keep nosy neighbours out and the relaxing vibes in.

There are a variety of options that exist to create privacy in your backyard this season. Whether you are thinking about building a fence to keep out the neighbour’s dog, creating a shrub or tree hedge to help divide your land from your neighbours or if you’re looking to create an area that doesn’t feel open and on display as your deck. 

Ideas for Backyard Privacy

It is important to consider the area of town you live in, your property and the vibe of the exterior of your home that you want to present. Depending on your property, it may determine whether a fence can be installed, what style of fence is allowed and if it is financially feasible. 

Trees and shrubs can create a wonderful privacy barrier around your property. However, it is important to remember the high upfront cost and the continuous maintenance required. Depending on the earth that surrounds your home will also determine the length of its life span and its ease of growth. 

When considering your private backyard oasis, working with what you have is essential. You may already have a fence, but the next-door neighbour’s deck still peers over into yours, and trees would take years to grow the height you require. That is why at Phantom our outdoor privacy screens for backyards are a great option to add to your home to create the perfect space you are looking for. 

Styles of Backyard Privacy Screens

There are a variety of styles of screens to consider. As you begin your research, you will notice temporary screens; while they are cost-effective, their longevity is temperamental. Because they are mobile and they are often less durable to last through a variety of weather elements. 

Additionally, there are wood screens; while this is great for a rustic and natural vibe to your home, it is just a specific look for a particular property style. This unique option will only be satisfactory for a type of property that allows it to be still aesthetically pleasing with its additions. This option is not typically the go-to as it does provide a unique exterior. Wood screens also require maintenance and will take a harsh beating from the weather elements of the Okanagan summers and will eventually need to be replaced. 

If you’ve got a beautiful covered patio you love but don’t want to close it off completely, motorized screens are the best option. Retractable patio screens do not affect the property surrounding your home and require minor maintenance. Motorized screens provide outdoor privacy when you need them, exactly where you need them. Why close off your entire yard if it is just your deck you want to enjoy in privacy?  

Retractable patio screens are easy to install and custom to your home. They last through weather elements and offer various environmental benefits to your home. They are esthetically pleasing on any property and allow you to open up to the rest of the backyard when you don’t require privacy.

Phantom retractable screens can fit into virtually any space and will not only provide the privacy you want but are also aesthetically pleasing for the exterior of your home.

Ready for more privacy?

If you are ready to relax on your deck with the privacy you desire this season, we will get your patio fitting for your custom retractable screen. Phantom Screens Okanagan can help! We will custom-fit your screens to turn your outdoor patio into your desired private oasis.

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