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Top 4 Outdoor Patio Trends for 2022

Top 4 Outdoor Patio Trends for 2022

May 24, 2022

We’re rolling into the summer months, which means more time spent outdoors while the sun is high and the weather is glorious.

Spending time outside is easier when you have a nice space to sit down and enjoy it, whether it’s in your yard, balcony, porch, patio, or pool (inflatable or in-ground). And with summer right around the corner, maybe you’ve been thinking about updating your outdoor space? It could be as simple as rearranging some deck furniture, or maybe you’re doing a full reno.

Whatever it is, the team at Phantom Screens Okanagan has identified a few trends that are big for the summer of 2022 to give you some inspiration for making your outdoor space a great place for you, your friends, and family to come and hang out. 

Whether it’s your deck, balcony, patio, or anything else you’re looking to update, these trends will ensure you’ve got an outdoor sanctuary to call your own.


1. Funky furniture

You may have seen an increase of sectional outdoor furniture around lately, so you haven’t been imagining it! One of the most popular trends we’ve seen in 2022 can be boiled down to: 

What’s good for your living room is good for your patio. 

A couch with thick cushions and a chaise that can be separated is becoming more and more common. Why not be as comfortable on your patio as you are in your living room?

Speaking of modular furniture, there’s a new type that’s popping up everywhere these days: the daybed. What can start off as one large seat you can stretch your legs out on can be separated to make a cozy couch and cushion-covered coffee table/ottoman. Multi-use furniture like this will make solo relaxation and group entertaining a breeze.

There’s also been a comeback in hammock-type swinging chairs; think the wicker egg chairs from the 70s. These add a touch of whimsy to your outdoor space that regular furniture is lacking. Whether it’s attached to its own stand, or riveted into the ceiling of your porch, hanging chairs with a big comfy cushion will add a chill vibe to any outdoor space.


2. Pretty patterns

Rather than leave your space with a singular solid colour, patterns are jazzing up outdoor spaces like never before this year. And not just for your seat cushions either; think outdoor rugs, wall hangings, throw blankets, even painting a cool pattern on your deck. 

It’s no-holds barred when making your outdoor space a cool, cozy, and comfortable place so let your imagination run wild.


3. Outdoor workspace

Who says remote work needs to be done inside? You’ve heard of outdoor living rooms, so why not have an outdoor office?

A decent-sized outdoor table can function as a desk, since a regular desk isn’t built to handle outside weather, and a good proper chair can make for an ideal workspace. Since many folks set up office space in the corner of their inside rooms, your outdoor office can work in the corner of your patio. Just make sure you’re in a spot that has decent wifi, or a hotspot you can tether to, and voila! Office outside.

If you’re worried about the elements, or the bugs, a more enclosed outdoor space might be a better option. Converting a shed to an office isn’t uncommon, but if you’d still like to experience the outdoors, setting up your patio with retractable screens is a viable option. You’ll still get the benefits of fresh air, but without being annoyed by the insects.


4. Outdoor kitchen

While we’re on the subject of moving what’s inside to the outside, there’s another room that’s making its way outdoors in a way that would have been unheard of a decade or two ago– the kitchen! 

Cooking outdoors has been done forever, but it’s usually over a propane grill, with all the prep work done inside since there’s considerably more room in the kitchen than at the barbecue.

But now, the idea of having a proper outdoor kitchen can be a reality. Counter space, a stove and oven, a fridge, and a grill outside is no longer just a foodie fantasy. Everything can be done outside, so you’re not cut off from all the fun and merriment going on. Plus, food just tastes better when it’s cooked outside. It’s a fact.


This is another area where patio screens can be helpful, especially when it comes to keeping the bugs away from the food you’re prepping and cooking. Phantom Screens can be customized to fit your space, no matter the size.

Take a peek at what Phantom Screens Okanagan can do for you, or give us a call at 250-762-7592 to talk about your retractable screen needs.

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