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Up Your Outdoor Game for the Big Game Day

Outdoor Entertainment - Watching the Hockey

Up Your Outdoor Game for the Big Game Day

December 8, 2023

Have you ever looked around your place while watching the hockey game and thought, man, I’d love to do this outside? Even in the winter?

If you haven’t, maybe you should. If you’ve got a covered patio, there’s no reason why you can’t have a stellar game day party spot. Plus, being outside means you’re away from any of the usual indoor distractions that take away from the joy of the game. 

We’ve got some covered patio ideas for you to turn your summer-only outdoor party place into a year-round outdoor party place because outdoor patios should add to your home all the time, not just when it’s nice outside.


Get a TV or projector for Outdoor use

You will need something to watch the game on, and a tiny little TV isn’t going to cut it for your primo game day party place. A large flat screen that can be mounted on the side of the house, or you can use that space to set up a screen and use a projector to show the big game. 

TV or Projector for Outdoor Use

Good seating

Once you’ve figured out where the TV can go, you need seating around it so everyone can see what’s going on. Outdoor furniture has grown beyond the old-school plastic chairs; you can find couches and armchairs that are just as comfortable as anything you can find inside your house.


Add privacy

If you’d like your covered patio to have some modicum of privacy, we have a solution for you. Retractable screens in the openings will not only lend you privacy but can also reduce the chill from the wind. We can find our retractable screens in virtually any opening. Once the party’s over, you can put them away until you need them again. 


Light it up

You’ll need more than just the glow of the TV to light the space! Patio lanterns aren’t just a great song; they provide ambience and are less jarring than a glaring LED light. If you’re not into hanging up any lights, look at some outdoor lamps to arrange around the area. Use warm white bulbs to keep it more mellowed out.


Include cabinets

A cabinet set can be incredibly useful for your outdoor party pad. They can be used to store your TV and speakers if you don’t like the idea of leaving them exposed to the elements. Also, you don’t want to have to go inside if you need another bag of chips, right? Having a cabinet or two will allow you to store items and snacks so they’re within reach when needed, but they can be out of sight when they’re not. There are durable outdoor cabinets that can handle the change in temperature.


Start a fire

Propane fire pits, and tables have grown in popularity in recent years. They offer the vibe of a wood-burning fire pit without all the smoke and constant watching of a regular fire. Plus, with a fire table, you get the flames and a place to put your beverage, so it’s a win-win!

Propane fire pits


Get grilling

All that rooting for your favourite team works up an appetite. Wouldn’t it be great to grill up some grub between periods? The barbecue works just as well in the winter, so don’t go putting it away. Cook up burgers, hot dogs, and wings to make it a real party.

If you’re ready to turn your covered patio into party central, we can get you set up with the perfect retractable screens. Our experts can fit the screens in virtually any space, so call us to discuss your needs and get a consultation today at 250-762-7592!

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