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Why Are Window Screens so Important?

Why Are Window Screens so Important?

June 20, 2022

There’s nothing like throwing open your home’s windows and letting in all the fresh air. However, wide open windows will also let things into your home you may wish to keep out.

How can you have the best of both worlds? Have proper screens on your home’s windows. What are the best reasons to have window screens? Glad you asked! Check out some of our top reasons for having window screens in your home:

Keep bugs stay out

One of the best reasons to have screens on your windows is to keep the bugs from getting inside. You know the chaos a wasp causes if it gets in, or a spider of any size. Or how irritating it can be having a mosquito buzzing around your face. Best to just avoid it altogether. 

No other pests

Sometimes things larger than a flying insect can get into your home. Depending where you live, you can wind up with birds, squirrels, raccoons, and even shady human beings trying to sneak into your home. 

Pests of all types look for the path of least resistance, and a window screen is often a decent stumbling block to deter them.

Prevent disease

Before window screens became popular, diseases that were spread to humans via insects, like malaria, were far more common. Just keeping mosquitos outside has drastically reduced the number of cases of malaria in the western world. 

Window screens also keep flies from getting inside and potentially walking their gross feet on your food. No one wants to eat that.

Curb appeal

Clean fresh window screens can help make a great first impression for any potential buyers of your home. If the screens look dingy, the entire window looks dingy, so keeping the screens clean will help increase the curb appeal.

Dirt protector

Ever notice that any windows you have without screens always seem dirty? That’s because most dust and dirt get caught in screens before it can get on your windows. Yes, the screens themselves should be cleaned once in a while, but they will keep your windows from getting all gross. 

Plus it saves you from spending your weekend scrubbing the windows.

Water repellent

Another thing that should definitely stay outside your home is water. Window screens help prevent water from pooling on window frames and thus help prevent any water from seeping in. 

Water can equal mould and that is the absolute last thing you want in your home.

Keep pets inside

Whether you’re trying to prevent them from roaming or trying to save the local bird population, window screens will keep your feline friends from venturing out of the house. They will also keep your canine companions from chasing those felines down the street. It won’t stop them from barking, but at least you won’t have to chase them around the neighbourhood.

Reduce sun damage

You’d think your stuff inside the house would be safe, but depending on the direction of the windows, direct sunlight can potentially wreck delicate material. Window screens can reduce the amount of UV rays that shine into your home, which can reduce fading on your walls, furniture, and any art you may have on the walls. 

Reduce energy consumption

Being able to keep your windows open during the summer, while keeping pests out, will keep air flowing through your home and make it feel cooler than it is outdoors. If your house is cooler, you won’t crank the AC right away, thus reducing your energy bills.

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