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Beat the Heat this summer with these Cool Tips

Beat the Heat this summer with these Cool Tips

August 24, 2022

We’re well into the summer months, which means the heat is feeling pretty scorching by midday and there’s only so much you can do on your own to cool down.

If you’re stuck without air conditioning, or you’re just trying to use it less, here are some non-AC ways to keep cool.

Hot means cool?

It sounds counterintuitive, but consuming spicy food can actually keep you cooler. Eating food containing jalapeños, habaneros, and other hot peppers can trigger your body to sweat more, which is a good thing because it’s the body’s way of cooling down its core temperature. 

Plus, have you ever noticed how the hottest countries have some of the spiciest food?

But if you’re not into spicy food, try drinking a hot drink. It also seems counterintuitive, since summer is all about the cool, icy drinks. But those icy drinks tend to have a lot of sugar or caffeine, which you don’t want when it’s super hot out. Drinking hot tea will do the same as the spicy food and increase sweat production.

Make some shade

Want to spend more time outdoors, but find the insects unbearable? Look into enclosing your patio with retractable screens. Phantom Screens Okanagan can set up custom sized screens to fit your patio. You’ll be able to enjoy being outside and keep all the creepy crawlies and buzzing annoyances away from you.

For patio ideas and inspiration, check out our article on the “Top 4 Outdoor Patio Trends for 2022”.

Stay hydrated

First and most importantly, your body needs hydration, especially when the temperature climbs. If you think you’ve drank enough water, consider having a little more. Or at the very least, always have some water nearby.

The more hydrated you are, the more sweat your body will produce and thus keep you cooler. If you’re doing any physical activity more strenuous than an easy walk, consider downing an energy drink. Since we sweat out more than just water, we need to replenish lost electrolytes to keep our bodies functioning.

Stay in the dark

As much as you might want to enjoy the sunlight while it’s up, in order to keep your home cool you’ll have to block it out. If you’ve got afternoon sunlight shining directly into your house, it is going to be unbearably hot by dinner time. Blocking those UV rays from shining into your living room will help keep it cool, so look into blackout curtains, or even just pin up some blankets as a temporary fix. 

Open up at night

Once the sun sets, the temperature tends to drop considerably, so take advantage of that by opening up your windows to let that cooler air into your home. Let a fan or two run while you sleep to circulate the cooler air so you wake up and start the day with a cooler home. Close the windows once you’re up and about and leave more fans running to keep the air as cool as possible.

Avoid cooking indoors

One of the best parts of the summer is eating food cooked outside on a grill. It also allows you to prevent heating up the kitchen by having the oven or stove on. It may not seem like cooking dinner will heat your house up that much, but leaving the oven on at 425 degrees for an hour can make your home almost unbearable.

If you don’t have a grill to cook outside, try using a countertop appliance like a slow cooker or an air fryer to make your meals. They give off far less heat than a full sized stove and there are plenty of summer meals that work great in them. 

Cold water is the best

If you’re not fortunate enough to have your own pool, an easy way to cool down is hopping into a cool shower or dunking yourself in a cool bath. The feeling of cool water against hot skin is the ultimate relief. Start with lukewarm water and gradually add more cold water so you don’t completely shock your system. 

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