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6 Signs it’s time to Replace Your Screens

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6 Signs it’s time to Replace Your Screens

October 21, 2022

Everyone thinks of spring as the season of cleaning and maintenance, but autumn is just as ideal for getting work done around the house, including replacing or repairing your window and door screens.

In fact, replacing them now is better than waiting until spring because everyone will be clamouring to get the work done before then. Sitting on a wait list while the bugs sneak in is not a good time.

So if your screens need fixing or replacing, it’s better to avoid the spring rush and just sit back and enjoy the cool breeze in your bug-free home when summer comes.

As much as it’s a pain to deal with, it’s all part of routine home maintenance and taking care of any screen issues now will make life much easier in the future.

But how do you know it’s time to replace your screens? Here are some signs that your screens are due for replacement.

1. Your Screens Are Damaged

Obviously, if your screens have a hole in them, they need to be replaced. But sometimes, damage isn’t that glaringly obvious. If your screens are starting to fray on the edges, they’re on their way to ripping or tearing, so consider nipping it in the bud and fixing it now.

2. Bugs Have Invaded

If you found bugs sneaking into your home during the warmer months, there’s a chance they got in through the window screens. There may be a hole somewhere and you didn’t notice, so take a good look at all your screens and find the insect entry point.

If you’re still dealing with bugs, check out our blog for more ways to keep the bugs out.

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3. Lookin’ Shiny

Window screens are constantly exposed to the elements and as such will start to get worn down over time. If the weave on your screens is starting to look more shiny than matte, it means they are getting old and in need of replacing.

4. Hard To Open

If you’re having difficulty opening your windows, or sliding door, or screen door, the screens themselves may be the problem. Screens can warp over time and may not sit in the window frame properly any more. 

5. Gettin’ Noisy

Screens also have another duty to your home—blocking out excessive noise. They don’t silence sound from the outside, but they do help reduce it, at least when they’re in good condition. If you can clearly hear your neighbours’ conversations next door, it might be time to get your screens replaced.

6. Energy Bill On The Rise

It may not seem like much, but window screens are your home’s first line of defense against the sun. They reduce the amount of light, therefore the amount of heat, into your home. If you’ve found your home was hotter than usual and needed to crank up the AC, there’s a chance your window screens are no longer doing that job.

Did you know that your window and door screens can even help block harmful UV rays? It’s true! 

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Phantom Screens Okanagan

Phantom Screens Okanagan makes quality window screens that will stand the test of time and be aesthetically pleasing. They can fit virtually any opening with high quality screens that will stand the test of time.

Retractable window screens not only improve the look of your windows, they are also far less susceptible to damage from the elements. Since they can be put away when not in use, they can last much longer than traditional window screens.

And if they do need repairs or maintenance, our experts can do the work to keep your retractable screens looking the way they should. 

Want to beat the spring/summer rush? Give us a call at 250-762-7592 and let us help you find the best screen options for your home. 

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